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EDM.com Spotlight

Rusko Takes The Unconventional Route With New Remix

As dubstep continues to push forward in dance music, its popularity stands in debt to pioneers such as Rusko. The genre has changed considerably since its growth across the world, and Rusko continues to diversify his catalogue with each new track.

His latest remix, a new spin on Etnik and Mykki Blanco's track "Unclassified", scales back the insanity usually associated with Rusko tracks for a more nuanced sound. Blanco's vocals fit well with the piano keys and mesmerizing synths, indicating a new direction for the dubby producer. Rusko explained his reasoning for the new direction, saying, 

"I wanted to totally flip the track on its head, I took the vocals & put them through my talk box, then accompanied that playing live piano and guitar. It's the first track I've put out there with no drums, no bass and no synths. I love to F with people's expectations!”

Listen to his "Unclassified" remix below and pre-order the EP here

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