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Hear The Title Track Of Nero's New Album 'Between II Worlds'

British electronic trio Nero has finally announced the name and release date of their highly anticipated follow-up to their debut album. About 11 months ago, the trio excited fans with the release of a new single "Satisfy," which put a four-year wait to end and gave fans hope that a new album was on the way. The second single, "The Thrill," was not released until nearly 10 months later. Now, the trio has finally released the title track, as well as a link to pre-order the new album on iTunes

The entire life span of a fad genre has come and gone since Nero put out their wildly successful debut album Welcome Reality in 2011. The group was in the right place at the right time to capitalize on the dubstep breakthrough of 2010-2011; their particular brand of bass music demonstrated that dubstep could be melodic and radio friendly - although not as saccharine as contemporaries like Seven Lions.

Their releases were sparse during the trap era, and while their new sound definitely doesn't sound like the deep house that's in vogue, it's certainly a departure from their original sound. The tempo and half-time drum patterns make it a dubstep track, but the hoover synths incorporated hint at progressive house or trance. Check out the three tracks from the new Nero album Between II Worlds below:

The entire album is slated for release on August 28. To pre-order it click here.

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