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EDM.com Spotlight

Australian Duo SCNDL Talks Touring, Food, Melbourne Bounce, and New Single 'Otis'

The life of a touring DJ is a gracious one. Their unique lifestyle is centered around traveling the world and performing in front of thousands of people. It's safe to say that in their adventures they are able to observe a vast amount of people, food, and cultures as well. From Australia to Europe to the United States, music culture has the ability to travel faster than any other aspect of society, and it is especially prevalent in EDM today.

Melbourne bounce is one genre that has floated across the pond and cemented itself into the flow of dance music, and artists such as SCNDL are providing the path for many others producers and djs around the world. The duo has toured seemingly every corner of the world in the last year, delivering their signature hybrid sound at intimate clubs and renowned festivals with finesse and poise. Even while touring, SCNDL has found time to release tracks along the way, including their latest hit "Otis."

EDM.com spoke with Adam and Tom of SCNDL about their experiences touring, the future of Melbourne bounce, and some of their favorite places to eat while journeying around the planet. Read our full interview below:

EDM.com: So how's LA treating ya guys?

Tom: We're in a bnb in LA man! We're just like, crushing it in the kitchen. But it's awesome man. Looks like it's gonna storm today, which sucks because we have to go Venice Beach to meet up with the other Aussie boys in town, so hopefully the storm passes. 

EDM.com: Storm aside, it must feel good to have some time off after Miami! What was it like being back in South Beach?

Tom: It was great man, we literally came from San Diego and San Francisco beforehand, so it was definitely a good trip to play shows and have fun. We played with Uberjak'd and Reece Low at an event on Saturday, and it was like a big Aussie showcase so we had all the boys together and got pissed. Last year when we first came, it was our first time in America too, so we didn't really have as good of a time at that time rather than this past year. There's nothing like Miami Music Week in Miami in Australia so it was sick to do something that everyone around the world comes to do.

EDM.com: How was the presence of the Aussie sound in Miami this year compared to last?

Adam: It was around a lot more. Guys from Dim Mak like Deorro were playing the bounce sound, and we even had some of the Pandafunk guys at our showcase too. It's awesome to see it crossing over the waters and hitting Miami. A lot of different genres are entering the bounce sound right now, like now there's trap influences, electro influences, etc. It started off real minimal and really focused on the bassline, but now that it's getting played at festival you can't just play a track with a kick and a bass anymore.

EDM.com: Did you have that mentality when you were writing "Otis?"

Tom: We had a heap of other originals that we had written during the time, but Otis was something we wanted to create that was kind of bouncy with its big room kick and off-beat, but still wasn't a straight bounce track. The synth is much more of a big room sound so we wanted it to have a huge vibe that could be played at a big festival setting, and since it was so different we decided to give it out for free too.

EDM: We're just now receiving the first wind of Melbourne bounce in the states; how has the Melbourne bounce sound changed in Australia since?

Adam: The sound has changed heaps. Ten years ago it was a kick and a bass, it was real underground. In Australia, there's a lot of artists that hate on bounce because it's doing so well, like deep house fans and such. It's really segregated amongst genres. Like in America, we can throw a trap song in our set without any problems, but in Australia people will be like "What? This isn't bounce..."

Tom: It's pretty funny because all of the artists are friends, like we're mates with Dom Dolla, Golden Features, and all the other deep house guys, but it's just the fans that don't like each other.

EDM: The struggle is real! What have you taken away from your time touring North America?

Tom: Well the production here is absolutely next level compared to Australia. The amount of money put into the stage productions, theming, making the whole vibe is way more intense than back home. The competition that America has between Ultra and EDC makes the guys running them put more money into the events, and you can see it first hand with all of the post-production videos and such.

EDM: Looking ahead, what else do you guys have planned for the coming months?

Tom: We're headed to New York, Washington D.C., and then we're headed home. We've got another small tour in Australia until we head back to Canada in May for a festival and a few shows, and then we're off to Asia and Europe later in the year.

EDM: Do you guys have any plans or time to put our a bigger release, like and EP or Album?

Adam: Honestly I don't think we're ready yet. I feel like we need to build out our brand more. If we did an album, we'd want to create something that isn't just bounce, it would have to be heaps of other genres. If we put that out right now, I think some people would accept it really well while others would react like "what are you doing?," so we're planning on releasing a bunch of singles, maybe a two-track EP, but we don't want to do a full album until we're 100% sure that we're happy with what we've done and same with our fans.

EDM: So having toured around the world, where are some of your favorite places to eat?

Tom: We try to eat as healthy as we can on tour, so we really try our best to find the most quality spots while we're travelling. Tender Greens in LA is bomb, it's like healthy salads with massive servings, and you can get anything from chicken to steak, it's dope. Katsuya is another must-go to place in LA; we love sushi so that's definitely always a stop for us when we're in town.

Adam: We grabbed some sushi at Sushi Samba in Miami, and it's definitely worth going to again. Obviously, whenever you're in LA, In n Out burger is essential, but we also like to grab burgers at Umami Burger. So yeah, we like to eat a lot! 

SCNDL make their way to Slake in NY on Friday, April 10th, and then to Capitale in Washington D.C. on April 11. Stay up to date with everything SCNDL by following their socials below:

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