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5 Podcasts To Prepare You For Festival Season

Here’s my pick of some great podcasts to transition you into the festival season. The following tune peddlers are BNO (big names only) so limber up and prepare for musical quality.

Ninja Tune Podcast

Expect a mixed bag with artists on the Ninja Tune and Big Dada labels, ranging from Kate Tempest to Bonobo to Young Fathers, to underground veterans like Congo Natty and Mr Scruff. Each podcast usually focuses on a specific artist off of the label and along with a great selection of diverse music, the host talks shop with each guest at length, looking at inspiration for tracks and albums and getting them to play some of their favourite tunes. This is definitely one for aspiring producers as Ninja Tune do a smart job of going into depth into the creative process. Expect hi-grade trip hop, breakbeat, house, and the unexpected. The podcast has been running since 2009 so there’s a nice little catalogue for you to get tucked into.

The Nextmen Podcast

The Nextmen Podcast is so bad ass I feel smug every time I recommend it to someone, because I know in the when I see them next it’s gonna be; “that podcast is amazing man, so many tunes!”. Zero effort, maximum credit! These guys play everything under the sun and a one hour episode might wake up in Hip-Hop, bounce into reggae, swerve through ragga, power into house and stop off at bassline before catching a final connecting tune to Motown or d’n’b. Kings of the remix, the Nextmen (Brad Baloo and Dom Search) are two of my favourite DJs to listen to because you never know what they are going to play, and as unpredictable as they are, they manage to nail it every time. It’s the sort of podcast that can get a house party going no problems whilst you wait for the DJ to arrive (assuming you haven’t booked The Nextmen for your house party, if so probably mix it up a bit, and congrats on a serious vibe). The last episode I listened to had a reggae remix of Cypress Hill’s Insane in the Membrane, curious? You should be.

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Hospital Records Podcast

Tony "London Electricity" Coleman, who, by the sounds of it, might love his job more than anyone else on the planet, hosts the Hospital Records podcast. It is a journey through the best drum and bass the world has to offer. The music on offer has become my favourite soundtrack to the London Underground in rush hour, it turns a hurried commute into a David Attenborough- esque montage with schools of multi-coloured humans migrating across the city to a full spectrum of rolling D’n’B sounds….okay, so I like drum and bass, but it really is that good. Interspersed with listener shout outs from across the globe including some truly touching stories, listening to the Hospital Podcast quickly has you feeling part of this elite group of EDM-ers. Podcasts often showcase Hospital’s latest and greatest artist talent or will rinse out a specific sub-genre (e.g. female vocal D’n’B) for the full hour. I have them to thank for introducing me to Bop, that alone is worth a pat on the back. Now on episode 257, Hospital release a fresh podcast with new tracks pretty much every week. D’n’B soldiers, hats off. 

Hospital Podcast 258 with Reso by Hospital Records on Mixcloud

Boiler Room Podcast

In their words, Boiler Room podcast is "the best, strangest and most exciting picks from music, talk and culture broadcast on boilers.tv." The Boiler Room podcast is usually a live mix from a recent super party with exacting musical standards. A look down the episodes list shows mixes from Paris, Moscow, Berlin, London, and LA, and these podcasts are the next best thing to having been there. Boiler Room has masses of content and put out an episode as many as 4 times a week, so there’s plenty to choose from at all times. Whilst most are 1-2 hour mixes, occasionally they’ll have shorter sets or an episode focussed around a music industry panel discussion (or similar). So if you are downloading the soundtrack for your Japan - NYC flight, fast forward a while before you take off and double-check you didn’t accidentally bag yourself 23 minutes of electro and 3 hours of talk. Nobody likes getting to the end of Cheaper by the dozen 3, staring down the barrel of ‘Radio Wings’ or whatever the f*ck for the remainder of the flight. A special mention; there’s some belting disco and Parisian house to discover on Jeremy Underground’s recent mix.

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RA Exchange

This is really cool interview podcast getting really in depth about both the underground and mainstream legends of lots of different music scenes. What’s cool is that RA Exchange is pretty much genre agnostic when choosing artists to interview within EDM and so a random episode will likely leave you with a list of new stuff to have a listen to on Spotify and show off to your mates to display your eclectic taste “I’ve been listening to a lot of Icelandic Psytrance recently”, course you 'av pal. Anyone who’s into their UKG, house and funky should check the recent T. Williams podcast which is an interesting look at the evolution of the UK scene from one of its major proponents.  RA Exchange is one for the musos and super fans, not for everyone but definitely one for the true heads. It’s a wicked listen whilst you harangue your mates links to buy their early bird tickets, their standard release, their extra release, fine we’ll try on the door.

Download RA Podcast: RA.463 Nick HoppnerDownload RA.463 by Nick Hoppner

Header photo by Joseph Mohan

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