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EDM.com Spotlight

This Company 3D Prints Incredible Wireless Ear Buds

Having the ability to listen to music on-the-go is an absolute necessity these days, but finding a perfect pair of earbud headphones can be tricky. Some headphones may sound excellent, but their size may be too big or too small. Headphone company OwnPhones is attempting to fix all that with 3D-printed wireless earbuds customized to your ear canal. This company goes above and beyond to optimize fit and style.

Not only can you use the OwnPhones app to 3D scan your ear canals for the perfect fit, but you can choose from some seriously awesome designs. OwnPhones has three collections: Sport, Custom and Designer. For those that want to make a statement with their earbuds, the Designer Collection is right up your alley! 

See how they work in the video for OwnPhones below: 

Photo Credit: OwnPhones 

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