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The End Of An Era, ID&T Loses Its Key Player

As electronic dance music continues to gain worldwide recognition, some of the key players responsible for the genre's growth are moving on. ID&T, the Dutch entertainment company responsible for Tomorrowland and Mysterland, has lost its founder. Duncan Stutterheim called it quits after 23 years in the business. His last event will be Sensation in Amsterdam later this year.  

This resignation was foreshadowed by an interview Stutterheim conducted with Dutch publication Quote Net, in which he criticized the ballooning booking fees behind many of EDM's principal musicians. His resignation also comes after American EDM event conglomerate SFX acquired ID&T in 2013. Stutterheim also hinted at the reasons behind his resignation to Dutch paper Volkskrant: 

"For example, Martin Garrix’ music, I can appreciate it, but I’m not dancing to it. It also has something to do with my age."

ID&T will now be seeking a replacement accordingly. You can hear a Q&A with Stutterheim below: 

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