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EDM.com Spotlight

Hysteria Records Discusses The Road Ahead For Bingo Players And Label

Hysteria Records stands as one of EDM's most iconic record labels today. Launched by Paul and Maarten of The Bingo Players, Hysteria Records has served as a platform for some of the biggest and brightest electronic music acts of the last 5 years, from Alvaro and Bassjackers to Laidback Luke and Tommy Trash.
Amidst all of its successes, the Netherlands-based label also experienced troubling setbacks in its development. In 2013, Paul of Bingo Players was diagnosed with cancer, who battled his illness until his passing that December. As a core member of the Bingo Players and the dance community, his early departure put the state and direction of Hysteria Records in a delicate position. Both Bingo Players and Hysteria Records have since strengthened its place in EDM more than ever, and 2015 looks to be a bright year for the Bingo players and Hysteria.
We spoke with Paul's brother Rutger Baumer, labelhead of Hysteria Records, about the path they've led together and the road ahead for Bingo Players and Hysteria Records, including their new mix. Read the full interview below:
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EDM: What inspired Bingo Players to launch Hysteria Records?

RB: Paul & Maarten launched Hysteria Records because they wanted to create a platform for young talent that they really believed in, and to help them develop and have their records heard. That is why we only release every 3-4 weeks so that each artist has time to work on his profile and to allow our releases to gets the maximum amount of exposure.

EDM: What are some of the biggest accomplishments of Hysteria Records thus far?

RB: Every year we have top-10 records, which means a lot to us but so do the live events we host. Hysteria has been hosting stages at festivals as well as our very own Hysteria club nights in different cities around the world. Besides that we are also really proud that we receive a lot of compliments about the label from people who to us in the industry. It's always nice when your work is recognized. 
EDM: How have Bingo Players played a part in the label's development?

RB: Bingo Players have played a huge part in the development of Hysteria Records. Somehow they always know if a track will work or not, so their ears have really helped develop the sound of Hysteria. DJing for so many years before launching Hysteria also helped the development of the label, Paul (rest in peace) and Maarten understand dance music and culture going back 20 years or more, they aren't new to discovering the genre so I think this allows them to forecast trends in dance music and to predict very well, what will work in the clubs. 

EDM: How have the Bingo Players and Hysteria Records evolved since Paul passed?

RB: Since Paul passed we try to keep his legacy alive and to fulfill his wishes for us to all carry on and to continue to grow the name Hysteria and Bingo Players. It really meant a lot for Paul to know that after he passed, Bingo Players and the label Hysteria, both projects he worked very hard on, would continue to grow and carry on his legacy. So we are working hard now to try to find new upcoming talent and expanding the label with our own label nights.
EDM: The Bingo Players just dropped the "Sound of Hysteria Mix" - what is the overall theme/message behind the new mix?
RB: The overall idea behind the new mix is to showcase the various sounds of Hysteria records, to bring the listener on a journey throughout the recent releases and to provide the soundtrack for your nights out. 
EDM: How did the "Sound of Hysteria" compilation come about? What went into collecting all of the tracks?
RB: As we've discussed a bit, Hysteria is really one big family with the common connector being dance music. We wanted to have a release where we felt we were giving fans a good product but also a product that further promoted the various artists who have released on Hysteria. The compilation is a nice way to consume the label in one sitting, once you've listened, you understand what kind of music the label releases, what we represent and hopefully you listen again. We want this compilation to be your weekend anthem!
EDM: Where do you see Bingo Players headed in the coming months?
RB: The main goal for Bingo Players in 2015 is to continue to release quality dance records while building and growing our existing fan base around the world. The connection to the fans is really important for Bingo Players, releasing new music and playing out are the two things that help Bingo Players to continue to connect with fans around the globe. Stay tuned to our socials for updated on new music and tour dates. 

EDM: What are some goals for Bingo Players and Hysteria Records in 2015?
RB: The goal for Bingo Players is to always be growing and evolving. It's important to keep pushing boundaries both in the live setting and sonically. Live, Bingo Players has toured with a massive physical production for the Rattle & Roll tour, as well as your basic club DJ set up. It is important to us to continue to give fans the best experience possible, whether it is a sold out show at Roseland Ballroom in New York City or a small intimate club. On the sonic front, Bingo Players plans to consistently release great music in 2015. 

The goal for Hysteria in 2015 is to continue to break new talent. The label has had great success with acts like MAKJ, Bassjackers + Henry Fong. We want to be at the forefront of dance music, discovering the next big artist and giving that artist a home to develop and to promote themselves. We all really treat Hysteria like a family, once you're family, you're family for life!