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EDM.com Spotlight

"Fair Play, Fair Pay" Act of 2015 Brought to Congress

House Democrats Jerrold Nadler, John Conyers Jr. and Ted Deutch as well as Republican House member Marsha Blackburn have introduced the "Fair Play, Fair Pay" act to the United States Congress. The act proposes to increase payouts to smaller artists, record labels and other publishers by repealing obsolete clauses in previous legislations that favor major labels.

In a statement, American Association of Independent Music President Rich Bengloff explained, "The status quo threatens the livelihood of independent label owner/investors and their artists by denying them the fair value of their work. Asking music creators to forgo income while allowing Big Radio to make millions in advertising off of their songs seems profoundly un-American."

Specifically, the act will plug up legal loopholes that allow radio stations, television networks and other multimedia enterprises to forgo paying royalties to independent artists for each use of their songs. If the act is passed by Congress, it still needs to be either signed by the President or voted in favor by two thirds of both houses in order to be enacted.

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