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EDM.com Spotlight

Groundbreaking Speakers Designed To Make Music Sound Twice As Loud As It Actually Is

Eternal Midnight mastering studio engineer Xergio Córdoba has patented Masn'live, a form of technology that increases the volume at which your brain perceives a sound system to be playing music without actually increasing the decibels. As music venues around the world routinely get shut down for violating noise ordinances, the technology could remove obstacles faced by venue owners and promoters by essentially simulating the intended volume without actually meeting it.

Masn'live improves upon existing techniques commonly used to "encode" and "decode" sound experiences from one device to another. "To give an example, it's like when you listen to an mp3 through headphones and there's a drum or a bass, but the headphones are too small to reproduce it correctly," Córdoba told Vice. "This is instead done by evolutionary compensation. It's something that we use a lot in mastering and have applied to our system in order to accomplish what we were after."

At its current level, Masn'live is capable of a decibel output that's roughly half of what its listeners perceive. Aside from preventing noise pollution, the technology also improves sound quality by allowing artists to "transmit their musical message in the best quality possible."

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