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EDM.com Spotlight

The Most Known Unknown EDM Photographers Vol. 2

Every week, The EDM Network gives you the low down on photographers who are killing it in the EDM world. Curated by Anita Obasi, "The Most Known Unknown EDM Photographers" series will focus its attention for its second installment on San Francisco based photographer, Eric Fragola of Visual Fragments.

Eric is a guy who clearly has the art of hustling down. Moonlighting as an EDM photographer, he also works as an operator at an oil refinery and is an industrial firefighter.

With four days on and four days off, his schedule is tailored well to the demands of covering festivals and other EDM events. Having just barely 200 likes on his Facebook page, and just over 3.5k followers on Instagram his talent far exceeds the depth of his audience.

You’ll notice while browsing his work - best presented through his official website - that there are pictures of many of the same artists, either in their element or enjoying activities that stray from the stage of a show. Since Eric is primarily hired by artists specifically, he makes it a point to capture their personality, more so than their effect, on the event they are playing.

I think this allows EDM fans to internalize the power of diversity, explaining why it is so pertinent to our culture and the many types of people that inhabit it. Understanding the personalities of the artists who fill these rooms is so important, and it helps us appreciate their sound and intentions as a whole.

You can quickly pick up from his portfolio that he has done extensive work with Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo of the Bloody Beetroots. Eric’s first show he’s ever shot was Ultra Music Festival in 2013. Having shot a few photos of Bob Rifo, he sent them over. This slick move proved very successful, as Ultra Music ended up printing thousands of copies to distribute amongst fans. The relationship between photographer and musician was instant, as an appreciation for each other’s art was clearly mutual.

Aside from shooting artists from Oliver Heldens to Tchami, to Cedric Gervais and Adventure Club, Eric has shot at numerous festivals including HARD Summer, Beyond Wonderland, and EDC Puerto Rico, to name a few.

Call it hard work, or call it passion, but Eric is actively climbing to the top with his talent. Coupled with kindness and a sense of humility that allows him to easily make the people he photographs feel comfortable, he is definitely someone who is consciously representing the EDM scene in a tasteful, inventive way. His ability to catch captivating moments and signature characteristics of artists' personalities makes him a valuable asset to those who work with him.

Cover image via Visual Fragments

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