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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Things To Do In Bethel, New York While Visiting Mysteryland USA

New England Summers are truly something else. The forests are alive with bustling wildlife and the trees are making their last attempt to reach for the sky before the chill of Autumns sweeps through and strips them of their leaves. Just before the sweltering months of summer creep up the Eastern coastline, Mysteryland USA turns Bethel Woods, NY into an illuminated bacchanal filled with enigmatic characters and amusements unseen anywhere else in the world.  

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Bethel Woods Center for the Arts Museum
200 Hurd Road, Bethel, New York 12720 | 866-781-2922

The Bethel Woods Center of the Arts Museum is a must-see attraction for anyone looking to ride a time warp back to the glory days of Woodstock '69. During Mysteryland USA, however, the museum will feature an exclusive exhibit that profiles the history of EDM. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect: The Rise of Electronic Music Culture in America, curated by Daphne Carr, takes shuffles through thirty years of American dance music stopping at pinnacle figures and events that brought the EDM community to where it is today. 

The exhibit runs from April 4th to May 31st, and you can visit the museum during your time at Mysteryland. Click here for more info (under Current & Upcoming Exhibitions)!

Catskill Distillery Company / Dancing Cat Saloon
2037 St Rt 17B, Bethel, NY 12720 | 845-583-3141

It's probably best to just go ahead and make a day out of visiting the Catskill Distilling Company. Start off by taking a tour of their distilling process while tasting their finest spirits, which range from vodka, gin, bourbon, rye, whiskey and their Italian-inspired grappa. Once you've divulged in the smooth samplings, head on over to the adjacent Dancing Cat Saloon, where the smell of fine food, the sound of live music, and the sight of meticulously crafted artisan cocktails fill the room. Once you settle into the cozy environment of the Dancing Cat Saloon, don't plan on leaving till last call and remember: There is always a taxi service. 

Lake Superior State Park 
342 Dr Duggan Rd, Bethel, NY 12720 | 845 794-3000 ext 5002

Mysteryland USA can be quite chaotic so when a break in the madness is in order, hop on over to Lake Superior National Park. During the warm weather months, fishing, boating, kayaking and laying out on the beach are popular, so don't forget a bathing suit. The 1409 acre park invites visitors to bring their leashed dogs and take advantage of its pavilions and BBQ areas for small gatherings. 

Bethel Motor Speedway
361 Horseshoe Lake Road, Bethel, NY 12783 | 845-319-7908

A short ten minute drive north east of Mysteryland will have you pulling into the Bethel Motor Speedway. This weekend attraction is a necessary pit stop for the auto enthusiast, however, no one can resist the enthralling allure of a neck-and-neck race from the country's finest semi-pro and pro drivers. The track takes it to 100 with several divisions including Sportsman, Legend (vintage), Stock and 4-Cylindar. Whatever you need to get the heart rate peaking, Bethel Motor Speedway has your fix. 

Hector's Inn
8 Dr Duggan Rd., Bethel, New York 12720

Hector's Inn is a staple in Bethel Woods and the Woodstock community. To keep the spirit of the festival alive, fans have been making the pilgrimage to Hector's every year since 1969. Music festival veterans credit Hector's as the mecca meeting ground to celebrate the festival. Visitors can attest that the carefree enthusiasm of Woodstock is still alive and well at the roadside attraction. 

Cover Photo Credit: Joey Timmer

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