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Seth Troxler Announces Acid Future Warehouse Party

Michigan DJ/producer and controversial EDM critic Seth Troxler has announced Seth Troxler's Acid Future, a throwback warehouse party in London that celebrates acid house. The dance music style gained popularity during the UK's Second Summer of Love in the late '80s, but the event is intended to showcase artists who are bringing new influences to the table. 

"Recently I've been quite outspoken about my misgivings on the rise of EDM and the culture that surrounds it - but I've also noticed that the UK and specifically London, possibly my favorite city in the world, doesn't have much of an EDM scene at all," Troxler pointed out. "This got me thinking as to why this might be and the simple answer is acid house."

Seth Troxler's Acid Future will take place at Tobacco Dock in London on August 8. Lineup details have yet to be released, but pre-order tickets can be purchased here.

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