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EDM.com Spotlight

Skrillex Offers Reward In Exchange For Snapchat Handle

Skrillex wants his Snapchat handle, and he's apparently willing to reward the owner of the handle with backstage passes. His current Snapchat handle is "skrilloo." Sonny had to go with the alternative because "Skrillex" was already taken. 

Here's a little EDM history lesson for those that don't know... Before Skrillex was Skrillex, the name was actually just something Sonny had made up for his AOL Instant Messenger screen name. He adapted it as the name of his electronic music project after leaving his spot as lead singer of From First to Last.

Skrillex took to Twitter to make the lighthearted offer, but it might not be as effective as he was hoping it would be. Countless fans are already claiming to own the handle. It will be interesting to see if the mystery handle hoarder comes forward! Whoever it is, he or she will definitely have to provide solid proof of registration. 

[H/T: Magnetic Magazine]

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