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Tommie Sunshine And Chocolate Puma's 'Chicago Disco' Music Video Is Retro Gold

As each year passes into the 21st century, it becomes increasingly more important for dance music lovers to highlight their roots and pay homage to the sounds that carved their passions today. For a select group of veteran DJs and producers, those roots hail back to the 90s, 80s, and even 70s, and they give modern listeners even more insight into the history of EDM.

Tommie Sunshine and Chocolate Puma are no strangers to the scene, and their latest single "Chicago Disco" released on Size Records blends the unique, underground sounds of Chicago during the 80s with powerful sounds of house found in nightclubs today.

The inspiration for "Chicago Disco" came from talking with Chocolate Puma about our roots in the scene, DJing and producing much longer than most guys around these days. They handed me a mic and with zero hesitation I said clearly into it, "How Chicago is your disco?". We all looked at each other and knew I didn't have to say another word. We had it and the rest of the track came together around those words."

Their music video serves as the perfect accompaniment to the track too; the collage of retro video footage of people dancing to in clubs, on the street, and elsewhere really creates a nostalgic feeling for the days of funky hairdos and neon clothes. Tommie Sunshine notes - 

"A friend of mine named Craig MacNeil made a video for Scissor Sisters "Let's Have A Kiki" which I loved! It ​seemed perfect for him to make a clip for "Chicago Disco" and he overdelivered. He owns the largest collection of VHS tapes I've ever seen and I feel like every frame of that video is just awesome!"

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