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EDM.com Spotlight

Dirty South Receives Chill New Remix By The Regulators

The chill trap and future bass genres have developed a lot of traction in the last year, and its becoming quite clear that these sounds have a furtive and lengthy place in the modern dance scene. Chicago-based duo Regulators have provided their fair share of chilled out beats throughout their bass-centric catalogue, although it's safe to say that their newest remix of Dirty South's "With You" is their most forward-thinking release to date.

Utilizing all of the ingredients in making the perfect chill trap beat, this new rendition of Dirty South's harmonic tune bundles all of the emotional vibes found in the original with an expertly-crafted array of 808-certified instruments and vocal cuts. When asked about the making of the track, Jake of Regulators notes,

"Going into this remix we were a bit unsure how to flip it at first. The original is truly a piece of art. It delivers a tremendous amount of emotion and really takes you on a journey, so the task was learning how could we take all of that passion felt from the original and carry it over into our version. It took hours of tinkering and playing with ideas, but finally after deciding to pitch the vocal and give the tempo a boost, things started to fall into place and we ended up with a track that we are proud of. It captures a similar style that we’ve recently been composing in, so it all made sense to write it this way. We’re stoked on it, we think you should be too!”

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