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EDM.com Spotlight

The Best Of The Best Compete In The World's Biggest DJ Competition

This weekend, the Red Bull Thre3style World DJ Championship will return to Phoenix, AZ. Similar to the DMC World DJ Championship competitions held around the world, the 12 DJs competing in the event will be judged on technicality, originality, skill, creativity, crowd engagement and stage presence.

"I'm privileged to be a part of the Red Bull Thre3style movement," DJ Jazzy Jeff said. "Each year, the DJs bring their 'A-game' to the Finals and it's exciting to continue to put new talent on the map for the world to see."

The competition is spread out across three nights from April 2-4 at separate venues, with the finalists from the first two nights competing on the third. Tickets to the first two nights can be found here and here, and tickets to the National Finals can be found here.

Photo Credit: Red Bull

[H/T: AZCentral]

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