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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 46

Didn't your mother teach you to wash your hands before consuming such dirty drops?

10. Aweminus & Definitive - STAXXX

Aweminus and the dudes from Definitive are close friends. So close that whenever they collaborate with one another they nonchalantly assemble some of the most robust dubstep creations currently in existence. Before even giving “STAXXX” its first full listen, I was completely hooked. The drops in this ridiculously shady tune are so damn bouncy that they have basically made automobile hydraulic systems obsolete. All you’ve got to do is crank up that low-riding bassline and every piece of pavement on this freaking planet is sure to shake simultaneously. Well, what are you waiting for? Time is ticking away.

9. Borgore & JAUZ (Ft. Virus Syndicate) - RAG$

Well, you know we’re having an unusual week here at your bass hub for everything hard n’ heavy when a Borgore & JAUZ collaboration comes in at our #9 position. Let’s be honest, a composition of this caliber has no business being in this spot. It just feels wrong. I mean, you can say what you will about Borgore these days, but the guy can still conjure up a dubstep banger just about better than anybody else out there. Oh, and JAUZ. Don’t even get me started on this madman. Not only is he rapidly conquering the entire EDM universe, but he’s also been putting his dubstep prowess on full display as of late. Teaming up with Virus Syndicate for “RAG$,” this all-star squad of talented musicians rack up an enormous body count before the first drop even concludes. As for you few survivors, you’ll definitely want to think twice before leaping into that second drop all willy-nilly. Don’t step to this tune too strong, otherwise it might step all over you.

8. BAR9 - One Up One Down

Making up ⅓ of their first official EP on Never Say Die’s Black Label, “One Up One Down” could arguably be the best production from BAR9’s remarkable Blender EP. While “Blender” and “When Technology Fails” are both amazing works in their own right, neither of them quite measure up to the originality of our #8 selection. This dynamite pair of drops make me feel like I’ve entered an old-timey saloon and my only goal is to challenge the most fearless desperado in the joint to a duel. To the death, of course. This isn’t fun and games people, this is real life. Dirty drops happen all the time, and if you’re not careful, somebody can - and will - get hurt. Now, please come forward and let BAR9 give your ears a proper bass battering.

7. Nexu5 - Can I Haz

Out of all the notable producers to appear on this week’s list, I’m guessing that the name Nexu5 might still look very new to some of you. That’s okay. You didn’t miss the memo. In fact, his four-track Misfit EP on Blacklight Audio essentially serves as this musician’s introduction to the greater dubstep population. The release features dubstep so grimy that it would make our nation’s most crooked cops look like nothing more than mall security. That being said, the berserk drops in “Can I Haz” are a special type of insane. Rambling incoherently and trembling uncontrollably are just a couple of the most common symptoms associated with drops this incredibly traumatizing. Having said that, it’s probably in your best interest to experience Nexu5 firsthand, regardless of how much it might jeopardize your health.

6. Doctor P - The Sound Of Science (Cookie Monsta Remix)

A frequent fixture in our weekly dubstep roundups, Cookie Monsta never hesitates to go above and beyond in order to reinforce his heavy bass music dominance. Can anybody explain to me why every track of his reminds me of that moment in motion pictures where a dramatic countdown is taking place and you’re just praying that somebody stops it before it hits the 0:01 mark? Except in the case of Cookie Monsta, that clock never stops. Not once. Not ever. Every single time a sizeable series of bass explosions are set off around the entire globe. It’s like clockwork. As for the downright mental drops in his remix of Doctor P’s “The Sound Of Science,” they are precisely what you would expect from the Circus Records' superstar. All filth, no filler. So get at it killer.

5. Ragga Twins - Badman (Skrillex Remix)

I wonder who I’m upsetting more this week. The Skrillex loyalists who think anything outside of our top three rankings is a smack to the face. Or the cranky haters that just can’t wait to tell us that Sonny Moore has no business barging into our dirty drop discussion forum. Look, we can sit here all day and have this wretched debate, but here’s what it boils down to in my opinion. You don’t have to like Skrillex, you just have to respect him.

For anybody out there that holds dubstep near and dear to their heart, you have without doubt felt this producer’s widespread impact at one point or another. Therefore, I’ve gone ahead and placed his “Badman” remix smack-dab in the middle of our Vol. 46 roster; and were it not for the simple fact that this tune eerily resembles TrollPhace, it definitely would’ve placed higher. Either way, it’s Skrillex, it’s raw as f*ck, and if the razor-sharp drops in this life-threatening track don’t completely dismantle your sound system, I’m not sure what will.

4. Megalodon - Killer Instinct

Shining the brightest of any beat on Disciple Recordings' Reinforcements Vol. 1 EP, Megalodon’s “Killer Instinct” belongs somewhere behind prison bars. I’m not even joking, whoever is responsible for letting this dangerous track run free needs to be held accountable. Each and every one of us was well aware of this producer’s violent tendencies - and yet we did nothing to prevent him from once again raining down bass hellfire from above.

Wasting very little time, Megalodon unleashes drop numero uno at the 27 second mark. From then on out, you would be wise to dig your feet into the ground and clench your fists around something solid, because the pure blast of bass that follows is sure to turn your whole world upside down. Megalodon is a true master at engineering nasty dubstep drops. How much more proof do you honestly need?

3. Aweminus - Profit

Had it not been for a couple of the grimiest tracks that 2015 has seen thus far, “Profit” would normally occupy our #1 slot. No question. Coming in hot for his second appearance on this week’s drop retreat, Aweminus went directly for the jugular with this disorderly dubstep tune. Right off the bat, these wicked drops administer an absolutely lethal combination of ludicrous wubs and beefy percussion. In addition, the structure of the track itself is as wacky and wild as you will find nowadays. Just think FuntCase on steroids and that should tell you everything you need to know about this fast-rising producer. Aweminus is the future - and the future is now.

2. Downlink & Twofold - Darkside

I’m not often faced with decisions nearly this difficult. but having to select our top finisher for this particular volume was more painful than pulling teeth. While I’m beyond certain that some of you will disagree with my choice of “Darkside” as our esteemed runner-up, this is in no way a snub to Downlink and Twofold. If anything, it’s a compliment to D-Jahsta.


Make no mistake about it people, collaborations with this kind of cachet do not come crawling out of the darkness everyday. Please don’t even bother tossing around the term ‘dirty’ when staring down the barrel of these undisciplined drops, unless that’s your dying wish. In which case, Downlink and Twofold will be more than happy to grant it.

1. D-Jahsta - Two Steps From Hell

This week has been one heck of a treacherous trek, but your resiliency is about to be rewarded in the form of this D-Jahsta body-mangler. Blessed with the prodigious honor of title track on his latest EP, “Two Steps From Hell” escorts you right up to the underworld’s gateway and proceeds to forcefully kick you down a flight of never-ending stairs. By the time you’re finally able to regain your composure, you’ll be lucky if you can ever stand again - let alone walk.

Serving as Satan’s right-hand man, this dubstep demon has developed a habit of generating heavier than average drops. For all you heathens who crave bass that barely leaves you breathing, prepare to surrender every last gasp of air in your lungs. And when you get done polishing off this savage tune, be sure to thoroughly examine the rest of D-Jahsta’s Two Steps From Hell EP on Firepower Records.

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