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EDM.com Spotlight

Music Database Determines The Loudest Albums, Skrillex & Daft Punk Make The List

Many albums these days are designed to be as loud as possible, but loudness can come at the cost of dynamic value. The "loudness war" began in the early 1990s, and the trend of increasing audio levels at the expense of sound quality has only gained more moment with the rise of EDM. Website Dynamic Range Day decided to compare a number of albums in terms of the balance they achieve between loudness and dynamics, and the results point to two influential EDM albums. 

Dynamic Range Day found that Skrillex's Recess album was the second-loudest album out of 21 measured LPs, only being bested by Metallica's Death Magnetic. However, the dynamics in Recess measured quite poorly, which gave the album a paltry dynamic range of R2. In comparison, the Daft Punk album Random Access Memories measured to be quieter but outfitted with a better dynamic range, which led to a score of R8. While loudness is appreciated among EDM fans, these findings show that sometimes loud production comes at the cost of quality sound. 

Check out the full infographic below: 

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