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EDM.com Spotlight

Modern Electronic Music Museum Coming To Germany

Electronic dance music is still relatively new in the grand scheme of music history, but a dedicated fanbase can attest to years spent listening to such genres as house and techno. One of techno's pioneering figures, the DJ named Andreas Tomalla, is currently planning to open a museum honoring techno's rich history in Frankfurt, Germany.

Called The Museum of Modern Electronic Music, the attraction is set to open in 2017. The dance music landmark will feature exhibits on production and DJing equipment, history rooms on the techno movement, and spaces for live events and lessons. The museum represents a self-funded venture by Tomalla, and will be the second electronic museum after the EXHIBIT 3000 museum in Detroit. 

Watch the MOMEM presentation video below: 

[H/T: Fact Mag]

Photo Credit: MOMEM 

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