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Festival Fashion Pro Tips 008

As EDM festivals evolve into full-scale subcultures of their own, the dance music community is becoming a lifestyle. Fashion, for example, plays a major role in the electronic music festival atmosphere. As the 2015 festival season quickly approaches, EDM.com is proud to present the eighth episode of our Festival Fashion Pro Tips series. Staff writer Emily Hall will be curating a weekly catalog of festival fashions geared towards the avid dance music festival attendee. Each week, Emily will put a spotlight on three different fashion trends that are fundamentally designed to enhance the festival experience. 

Check out this week’s festival trends in our eighth installment of Festival Fashion Pro Tips: 

1) Crochet

[Price Point: $-$$$$]


Crochet has become one of the more dominating trends on festival grounds across the globe due to the diversity and simplicity of the style. A crochet halter top is super classic festival wear, as well as crochet dresses. Spring and summer 2015 fashion trends are going back to the 70s with sleek silhouettes with a natural flair. The simplistic neutral tones help create a soft, Spring-ready look that is perfect for any festival early on in the season. Crochet designs can even come in quirky color schemes giving you an option to get a little weird for the function. The crochet style originated with hippies but has been adopted by high fashion designers as the trend has experienced an upscale revamp from its initial design. While some crochet can get rather expensive, you can opt to craft your own hand-knit crochet top or make your way to Etsy for a handful of affordable and unique styles.

2) Fedoras & Floppy Hats

[Price Point: $-$$$]

The spring and summer season can be tough on the skin with the sweltering sun beaming down onto the festival grounds for 12 hours straight. Not only are outdoor music event attendees subject to a potential sun burn, but attendees must also consider the possibilities of sun poisoning which will ultimately throw you out of the game for good. It is critical to remain hydrated and cool throughout the duration of the festival, otherwise you’ll be too tired to dance or even enjoy the music. Throwing on a fedora or floppy hat is a huge trend at festivals now as they are both lightweight and convenient. They get the job done when it comes to blocking the sun from your eyes, maximizing your view of the stage and keeping your eyes out of harms way. Another huge plus with a fedora or floppy hat is that you can get away with doing absolutely nothing to your hair. Ladies spend a decent amount of their festival preparation time styling their hair, even though we walk out of the venue with our hair thrown up into a messy pony tail nine times out of 10.


3) Rompers

[Price Point: $$-$$$$]

One can only truly romp the festival grounds if one is fashioning a romper themself. If you want dynamic, there is no better option than stepping yourself into a romper of your choosing and seize the day. Rompers can be a little tricky with fitting as they come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, so it’s almost like picking out a new couch for your living room. The romper’s waistline must accommodate yours, and the pattern and styling of the romper should say something about your personality. A romper is comparable to a superhero’s costume – rompers give your strength, confidence, and perseverance (which is admittedly needed once the third day of the festival rolls around). Price point also ranges greatly, giving you a wide range of options as you could buy one from Forever 21 or go the extravagant route and find something a little more lavish. The heavy winds won’t lift up your romper either, giving you a complete and effortless look all wrapped up into one piece of clothing.

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