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Michal Menert Releases 'Space Jazz' LP, His Most Creative Endeavor Yet

Michal Menert’s latest LP, ‘Space Jazz,’ was spawned in a pretty interesting way. The 15 track production stays true to Menert’s feel good vibes with uniquely crafted electro-soul beats that are intertwined with live instrumentation, tastes of hip-hop, and a very distinct element of jazz that contributes to the album’s title. “It started with a tour named after a strain of marijuana named after the genre I told people I played when I sat next to them on planes.” 

‘Space Jazz’ is also a release that features a whole host of other artists, from Break Science’s Borham Lee, to Manic Focus, Jubee, Big Gigantic’s Dominic Lalli, and Snug Harbor’s Will Glazier, just to name a few. When it comes to collaborating, Menert really appreciates “the element of unknown,” and “the ability for something randomly brilliant to happen."

"There's an energy that each person brings to the music, unique like a fingerprint. You can get either a wider perspective or more focused message depending on the chemistry.”

Such is evident when listening to this album, as you are able to pick up on sounds that are classic to Menert’s style while also appreciating the creative differences of every single track.

Menert also makes it a point to give credit where credit is due in all aspects of this album’s creation, noting that his work with Schollaships in the Spacement is showcased on this album, hence the "presented in Schollaphonic Sound" band on the cover, as a tribute to the engineering side of the work that gives a bigger sound to the production.

The beauty of art is found in its ability to capture an artist's creative growth with every piece produced. ‘Space Jazz’ is the “first time in a while” Menert focused on mixing with more natural sounds, especially when it came to the drums.

“I didn’t want to smash them and make them sound like a drum machine; I wanted them to sit in the mix like a jazz fusion album, or a funk album. All those little details that I started concentrating on since my last work attribute to this album having layers you can peel back, sonically.”

With such a consciously constructed LP, Menert once again proves his dexterity as an artist fully capable of harmoniously integrating electro and organic instrumentation to celebrate a genre that can’t quite be defined as just one sound. 'Space Jazz’ is a production that seamlessly incorporates all sorts of influences from start to finish, with an overall soundscape that is out of this world.

Stream the album in its entirety, below.

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