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EDM.com Spotlight

Diplo Discusses Future Plans To Focus On Other Projects

For years Diplo hid behind the spotlight, producing tracks for big name artists and creating his own makeshift record label to curate talent. Now, he stands at the top of his own game, as all three of his current projects continue to get bigger and bigger - Major Lazer, his Skrillex-assisted project Jack U and his own productions as Diplo. 

Despite his ability to juggle all three, Diplo plans to retire his primary alias, according to a recent interview with legendary producer Rick Rubin for Interview Magazine. When asked how he separates his solo material with his Major Lazer songs, Diplo replied with the following:

"Well, I'm trying to actually retire Diplo material at this point. Diplo has a ceiling in Vegas, and I'm doing great there, but I'm so proud of Major Lazer—the way it sounds, the way it's mixed. I feel like if I devote my time to that, it could grow.

With Diplo releasing two Major Lazer albums this year and debuting a cartoon themed around the group's character, it makes sense why he would want to put his time and energy into the group's music. On a related note, Diplo also commented on artists' images selling music:

"It's about you selling the personality more than it is about selling the actual records you're making.

Check out the full interview at Interview Magazine, and listen to the new Major Lazer track "Night Riders" below: 

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