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The Most Known Unknown EDM Photographers Vol. 3

We are back with another installment of “The Most Known Unknown EDM Photographers,” curated by Anita Obasi. This week we are giving you the run down on Jas Davis of Jas Davis Media.

Jas is a photographer, cinematographer, and editor hailing from Boston, MA that “focuses on creating moving and still images,” according to his Facebook page that has just over 1.6k likes. That, along with around 7.1k followers on Instagram, is a deceiving metric compared to his actual reach when you consider the EDM producers he works with.


When you scroll through Jas' Facebook albums, they begin with photo coverage of events in close proximity to Boston, including Fall Massive Festival 2011, Dayglow shows at UMASS, Penn State, Pier 94 in NYC, and Swanky Tunes at Fur Night Club in Washington, DC. There’s a clear progression from album to album though in both creative growth and clientele, which includes the likes of Skrillex, Zeds Dead, and Major Lazer, to name a few.

Separate from his photography, Jas also uses cinematography to creatively weave telling and emotive stories. Take Skrillex’s 2014 Mothership tour recap video that he directed, for example.

In just over seven and a half minutes, the viewer gets a comprehensive picture of Skrillex’s personality as he interacts with fans and goofs around between shows with his crew for the tour: Dillon Francis, DJ Snake, What So Not and Milo & Otis. The light hearted nature of the producers is juxtaposed by the high intensity of their performances which are seen selling out, city by city. The video is enhanced by cartoon-like illustrations that pop up here and there, animating various scenes.

I am particularly impressed by the way Jas is able to use his editing skills to blur the line between reality and the otherworldly. This type of ambiguity is not only visually appealing, but is highly symbolic of the high-profile life these producers live, where they are tasked with removing a crowd from reality through their music. I think it’s an edge Jas has that no one else I’ve seen in the EDM scene can duplicate, and adds so much more to the meaning of the images taken.

Additionally, you can really appreciate the way Jas captures the OWSLA brand in particular as it provides so much value in reinforcing the aesthetic the label strives to exert, even beyond the music they create. 

You may not have known of Jas Davis until now, but you definitely know of his work…and it just keeps getting better.

Cover image via Jas Davis’ Facebook

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