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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 47

Welcome to dubstep's hate-free haven.

10. Said The Sky - Darling (Ft. Missio) (Twine Remix)

Leave it to Twine to transform any brand of tune into an all-out bass music massacre. In all honesty, I’m still completely baffled by his downright dangerous remix of the Said The Sky’s “Darling.” Unlike many of our participants here at your go-to distribution center for dirty drops, Clark Robinson, as he so often does, applies a much different approach when performing reconstructive dubstep surgery. Instead of just smashing the daylights out of your eardrums with brute force, these drops display an impeccable blend of dynamic synth work and vocal samples galore. Thanks to bruhs like Twine, the future of EDM looks plenty filthy. 

9. Subtronics - Child's Play

It’s nice to see Subtronics making some large moves as of late. This producer has been blowing up my radar for a good minute now and “Child’s Play” felt like the perfect opportunity to finally reveal his raw and real sound to the greater dance music demographic. Whether it’s the Chuckie laugh track, the introduction that resembles a haunted house theme song, or just the general sense of something absolutely horrible about to happen, every single element of this possessed tune is straight up evil to the core. Trust me, once you unwrap each of these hazardous drops, there is no turning back. Which means you better be ready to go f*cking hard or go the f*ck home.

8. MuK - Brain Bash

Talk about a dude on a roll, MuK just doesn’t quit. Heavy dubstep has desperately needed somebody to step up and grab ahold of the torch, and by golly, this guy has done it. Due out May 19th on his Warp Drive EP, “Brain Bash” is one of three songs that is sure to snap your brainstem like an itty-bitty twig. I’d be doing this producer a true disservice by simply describing his style of music as ‘dirty.’ Screw that. Calling MuK dirty is basically the equivalent of labeling Warren Buffett wealthy or Justin Beiber douchey, what’s the point? It’s a given. So for those of you brave enough to wander into a full-blown dubstep warzone, let me assure you that these ridiculously nasty drops will reward you for your service. You have my word.

7. Squnto & Lord Swan3x - Impressive (Dec3mber Remix)

When an artist starts messing around with the idea of rejuvenating a Squnto & Lord Swan3x collaboration, they better be damn sure of what exactly they are doing. I swear, there is nothing worse than hearing a great original mix get sh*t all over by a remixer eager to make a name for themselves. Lucky for us, Dec3mber has clearly never encountered that problem.

Staying true to this song’s awfully appropriate title, the drops in “Impressive” generate a sensation eerily similar to that of sticking your skull inside a malfunctioning laundry machine stuck on its highest setting. Does that sound like your idea of fun? Because it does to me. Every time you think this producer might actually let up on the gas pedal, he goes from 0 to 100 in matter of milliseconds. Give Dec3mber some damn credit people - his inevitable dubstep ascension is long overdue.

6. Dack Janiels - C'mon Sucka

If we’re discussing producers that appear poised to leave their mark on 2015, how can I not mention Dack Janiels? Seriously, this kid’s dubstep is downright looney tunes. Bonkers. Off the charts insane. I think y’all get the point. Following up his wobbly 40oz Bounce EP on i.am.audio, Tanner Chung has returned with a Rottun Records release that has been causing quite a ruckus. The Cell Block 4 EP is a collection of four tracks so gigantic that they make Dwight Howard look like Peter Dinklage. Equipped with some of the fiercest drops featured this week, “C’mon Sucka” beats you to a bloody pulp without so much as a second thought. Now that Mr. Janiels has your undivided attention, the madness shall commence.

5. JPhelpz - Armshouse (Ft. Merky Ace)

Firepower Records is a name that carries quite a bit of cachet around the dubstep industry. In fact, you know what, JPhelpz does too. Together, these two entities have joined forces and brought us the undeniably robotic Mech Bounce EP. Showcasing an infusion of John Phelps’ traditional style with a slice of Firepower flare to it, the four bangers on this epic production are not to be f*cked with. Unless, of course, you enjoy putting yourself in harm’s way. In which case, I wish you the best of luck.

In regards to this particular selection, “Armshouse” was the obvious option. Between the menacing vocals of Merky Ace and that vintage Datsik bassline, this merciless track has ‘pure filth’ written all over it. Need I say anymore? I think not.

4. I.Y.F.F.E. - Abducted Cowboy (Ft. Lokka Vox) (Tucker Kreway Remix)

His musical catalog may still be in its infancy stage, but Tucker Kreway is growing up quickly right in front of our eyes. For anybody slow to notice, this producer has so much potential that even Jameis Winston is a little jealous. Yeah, he's that good. And just in case you suspect me of embellishing, why don’t you just reference “Alone” and “Moonstar,” then get back to me. To put it simply, if you’re not entirely sold on this Kreway character after experiencing his “Abducted Cowboy” remix, I don’t have the slightest clue of how to appeal to your dubstep desires. While the second drop in this bass-filled tune definitely outdoes the first, both of them are equally exhilarating. Please grant Tucker Kreway permission to demolish your sound system.

3. Liquid Stranger vs. Mayor Apeshit - Weather Change (Figure Remix)

Before we dive into this next-level Figure remix, let me make something abundantly clear. This was not the only bass track from Liquid Stranger’s Weather Change EP that deserved to be on our countdown. Unfortunately, it was the lone member of the release to qualify for a spot on Volume 47. That being said, Algo, Dubloadz, and Rekoil all produced remixes worthy of some acknowledgment. So there you go gentlemen.

Rotating our focus back towards the big kahuna of drumstep, Figure’s revision of “Weather Change” is as remarkable as it is unusual. Don’t take that the wrong way, I’m downright batty over this tune right now. It’s not everyday that Josh Gard decides to come strong with the 140bpm stuff. Armed with drops designed to decapitate you where you stand, this Figure rehab job is some certified, grade A dubstep material. EDM.com Approved.

2. Dubloadz & Axel Boy - Can of Wormz

Picking a favorite tune off the Dubloadz and Friendz 20k free album proved to be a much more difficult task than I initially anticipated. Oh, who am I kidding? This process was more painful than pulling f*cking teeth. Having said that, after hours of tireless deliberation, “Can of Wormz” was the one track I kept coming back to. I just couldn’t help myself.

Look, I’ll keep it one hundred with you - is that how the kids say it these days? This producer’s wicked collabs with 12th Planet, 50 Carrot, Coffi, and Da-Bow are legit dubstep bloodbaths. However, there’s just something extra special about this Axel Boy aural alliance. Maybe it’s the blistering blasts of bass. Maybe it’s the hodgepodge of hilarious samples and sound effects. Or maybe it’s just that these drops happen to be so inconceivably dirty that they would make even Oscar The Grouch seem like a hypochondriac. Yeah, that sums it up pretty well.

Grab yourself a free copy of Dubloadz album (Dubaloadz and Friendz 20k) by hitting up his SoundCloud page here.

1. Datsik, Protohype, & Init - Turf Wars

Due out on May 5th alongside the rest of Firepower RecordsShell Shock Legends compilation, “Turf Wars” provides us with an exclusive glimpse of the immensely hyped release. I can recall wondering the other day where Protohype had been hiding at, and boom, just like that, he’s returned. And with a vengeance, might I add.

Linking up Datsik and Init - I bet you’ve probably heard of them - was a genius idea. I mean, sure, their work overlaps a fair amount with various remixes and bootlegs, but just the thought alone of this cold-blooded trio ransacking the same production is enough to get any dubstep enthusiast’s mind racing. I’m beyond confident that all four - yes, I said four - drops in this high-speed bass hurler with knock you nearly unconscious. Exercise extreme caution when listening at loud volumes. Or pay the ultimate price.

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