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EDM.com Spotlight

Deadmau5 Collaborates With Fan From Twitter

deadmau5 likes what he likes (and gets what he wants). The legendary producer caught wind of a vocal edit of a track from his most recent album by new Monstercat producer Grabbitz. It didn't take long after deadmau5 tweeted Grabbitz for the two to start collaborating, making this deadmau5's second Twitter-initiated collab project. Thanks to a Twitter conversation in 2011, deadmau5 teamed up with Chris James to create a vocal edit of "The Veldt" from Joel's 2012 album title goes here.  

You can listen to Grabbitz's vocal edit of “Silent Picture” from deadmau5's 2014 album while (1<2) below. Then, check out the burgeoning producer's Monstercat debut, "Here With You Now," released two months ago.    

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