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Madeon Puts His Musical Inspirations Into One Playlist

Ever wonder where a 20-year-old music prodigy looks for inspiration? French DJ/producer Madeon is taking over music charts with the 2015 release of his debut album Adventure. With multiple tracks charting, Madeon has even landed on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums and Hot Dance/Electronic Songs with “You’re On” featuring Kyan and “Pay No Mind” featuring Passion Pit

Adventure is an eclectic assemblage of synth-heavy, futuristic tracks that ultimately display Madeon’s forward-thinking production style. The electronic sounds of Madeon are extremely original, separating himself from his contemporaries. That doesn't mean he still doesn't look at his contemporaries for inspiration and motivation. To give you a peek into the mind of Madeon, the young producer has curated a nine-track Spotify playlist of music that he bumped the most during the production of his debut album Adventure.

Madeon's “Album Inspiration” playlist is a diverse selection of songs from prominent artists including Kanye West, Daft Punk and Porter Robinson. The list is nothing short of fascinating as fans and listeners alike can draw parallels between the musicality of these pioneers and tastemakers and the next-level creative process behind Madeon's Adventure. 

An old friend and major inspiration to Madeon, Robinson’s “Divinity” from Worlds served as a critical guiding light to his debut album: "He’s always been a big influence for me all along the way of learning how to make music and making music. We were making our albums around the same time, so we were sending each other demos and ideas, and he sent me 'Divinity' quite a long time ago, long before it was released, and I remember being really, really impressed and really excited by it and how fresh and exciting it sounded, how much identity it had.”

You can read the full Entertainment Weekly interview where Madeon revealed the playlist here

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