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Disco Fries Go Alternative & Rock For New Mini-Album

Witnessing artists go from underappreciated acts to booming musicians is one of our favorite EDM pastimes. Artists manage to jump up significant levels in popularity in relatively short times, and this rapid rise parallels the energetic music behind some of our favorite fledgling producers. The Disco Fries are a pair of producers who embody this quick, well-deserved jump to fame, and their next release may just mark a paradigm shift for their music. 

The Disco Fries' latest mini-album, titled Autonomous, shows the pair pursuing new collaborations with some unexpected artists. They shifted their focus to a rock and alternative angle for this mini-album, seeking out artists that inspired them from entirely different genres. Over the scope of four tracks plus an acoustic rendition, The Disco Fries pair up with Raine Maida of alternative band Our Lady PeaceNick Hexum of 311 fame, electronic music band Breathe Carolina, and 19-year old Hope Murphy. Read how the collaborations came about below: 

"A Matter Of Time" ft. Raine Maida

Despite being the first track on the album, "A Matter Of Time" was the last track to be produced for Autonomous. The duo wanted to include a track more akin to their house roots, and worked to mesh melbourne house and the electro sound heard in their "Silhouettes" remix for Avicii. With Disco Fries member Danny being a fan of Our Lady Peace, the two reach edout to the management behind Our Lady Peace's lead vocalist Raine Maida. Maida responded, enjoying the track and expressing interest in featuring on it. The rest is history. 

"All I Wanna" ft. Breathe Carolina

This collaboration came from a fateful meeting during Miami Music Week in 2014. While The Disco Fries traveled from gig to gig, the duo received an email from Breathe Carolina member Tommy Cooperman asking if they wanted to remix a track off Breathe Carolina's album SavagesThe Disco Fries passed, but followed up asking if they wanted to collaborate on an original track. They shacked up in Breathe Carolina's studio in Los Angeles, and worked out the melodies, hook, and instrumentals. Near the end of the process, they rerecorded the synthesized guitar parts with real guitar playing from guitarist Domencio Randazzo

"Head In The Clouds" ft. Nick Hexum 

Another collaboration born from a member of The Disco Fries digging a group's music, "Head In The Clouds" came from member Nick's love for 311 growing up. The two decided to take a risk, and reached out to Hexum's publisher to see if he would want to collaborate. Hexum had just finished touring, and began listening to their music in his Los Angeles studio. The two linked up with Hexum a few days before working with Breathe Carolina, and the original one-minute clip morphed into a full-fledged track. An acoustic version of "Head In The Clouds" represents the album's bonus track as well. 

"Born Ready" ft. Hope Murphy 

The final track on the album stemmed from a number of unforeseen surprises, all starting with the creation of a demo track in 2012. The Disco Fries left this track on the back burner, but revived to it make a drum n' bass record with songwriter Doc Adam. Adam enlisted vocal assistance from KStewart, who featured on Oliver Heldens' track "Last All Night", but the female singer could not commit due to label obligations. Adam set his sights on Britain's Got Talent performer Hope Murphy, and thus the final iteration of the track was born. 

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