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5 Exotic Vacation Destinations For EDM Lovers

How should an EDM fan spend their summer break? Maybe a luxurious getaway to the man-made party island known as Ibiza or an escape to the striking beaches of Mexico. Dancing the night away to amazing electronic music on a pristine sandy beach while feeling the salty breeze against your skin sounds like a damn good vacation. Electronic dance fans have several options when planning an exotic summer adventure. Here are five exotic destinations for EDM-friendly summer vacations.  

1) Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Town in Spain is the most iconic exotic destination for any electronic dance music enthusiast. The home of major EDM events including International Music Summit, Ultra Music Festival and more, Ibiza is among the industry’s elite event spots each summer season. The island’s clubbing season is truly next level with top-quality production, world renowned artists and luxurious VIP experiences. It might be a little expensive to visit Ibiza, but the man-made party island delivers an all-inclusive exotic nightlife experience unlike any other in the world. 

2) Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

The white sandy beaches of Playa Del Carmen in Mexico are home to the massive BPM Festival every December. This electronic dance music festival hosts the leading underground dance music acts of the industry, as well as many familiar names. Playa Del Carmen’s nightlife is extravagant with 5th avenue being the center of attention.

3) Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The hot and fiery nature of Brazil significantly carries over into the nightlife scene of Rio De Janeiro. The developing nightlife scene maintains a lot of potential in becoming a main outlet for electronic dance music. This exotic definition is often pinned as one of the premiere party cities in the world, serving as a strong foundation for a high-energy dance music culture. 00 (Zero Zero) and Fosobox stand as two of the most popular nightclub options around, boasting the eclectic sounds of EDM through the eyes of Brazil.

4) Koh Phangan, Thailand

Thailand is definitely an up-and-coming EDM hotspot, with Koh Phangan as the homestead for the rising culture. The Halfmoon Festival is one of the leading electronic music events, and its creators also offer two parties each month that constitute this exotic location as a crazy and entertaining experience. 

5) Pula, Croatia

Pula is situated on the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia. This small Eastern European city is packed with rich history and culture, and EDM fans should know that its home to the Outlook Festival, Europe's leading sound system culture event known for its bass music offerings. The festival takes place at an actual fortress, the Fort Punta Christo, (how cool is that?!) as well as the surrounding beaches. The event even includes boat parties featuring performances from artists on the festival lineup. 

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