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5 Unreleased Skrillex Tracks We're Still Waiting On

Skrillex is one of the hardest working producers in the business, and he's collaborated with everyone from Diplo to The Doors. Through his years of work and his numerous collaborative groups, you can imagine how many songs have been shelved. Some of these track have become fan favorites nonetheless, and we still hope to see Sonny one day release.

Here are our Top 5 Unreleased Skrillex Tracks... 

1. The Kanye West Collaboartion - ID

Skrillex worked with Kanye West back in 2012, before the 2013 release of Kanye's hit album "Yeezus." “I did some music with Kanye” Skrillex told The Daily Beast, “and from what I know, it’s actually going to be the first song on his new album.”

According to Yeezus album contributor, Mike Dean, the record was too dubstep for Yeezus and was, therefore, shelved for a later date. The track didn't matched the make it on Yeesuz, but fans can still hope and pray the collab will be included on Kanye's next album "So Help Me God." There's not even a preview for this track, but expect something big, if and when this track sees the light of day. 


2. Skrillex - Bug Hunt

"Bug Hunt" was made for the score of Disney's Wreck It Ralph and can be heard in the background of the movie sequence below... 

The only problem was it was not released on the official soundtrack. A Noisia remix of the track was included instead. It didn't stop Skrillex from playing it live. It can be best heard in the "Skrillex in Mexico" video on his youtube at the 13:00 point below! It's only a quick preview, but Skrillex did mention in his 2014 Reddit AMA that he would release the track. 


This track buzzed around the internet a few months back thanks to Wiwek's Instagram post. The artist shot a quick clip of Skrillex playing their collaboration live and it was enough to send the internet into a frenzy. Check out the original post below! We have no idea when this track will be out, but after so much buzz we hope it's soon!

4. Jack Ü - Cumbia Maluca (El Cuco)

After the Jack Ü album was released, it was revealed that some of the songs Skrillex and Diplo worked on (and even played live) didn't make the cut. The unreleased fan favorite has been dubbed "El Cuco," and it first surfaced around 2013. The track was heard several times in Skrillex and Diplo sets, but there wasn't enough room on the collaborative album. While fan recreations have surfaced, Diplo confirmed that it could come out later in 2015 if people really wanted it via the Twitch Jack Ü album launch party stream. That's an obvious "Yes," Diplo. Check out the track below!

5. Dog Blood - Jurrassic

The world may be in awe of Jack Ü, but Skrillex fans still remember his first foray into collab group projects. Skrillex and Boys Noize created an alter-ego group called Dog Blood. They played shows throughout 2013 including festivals Coachella and Electric Zoo. During their sets, fans picked up on a track they officially dubbed "Jurassic." The unreleased gem was played during a series of Dog Blood shows. Check out the live rip below! Unfortunately, there's been no information about this track since. 

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