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Dillon Francis Shares Future Album Plans, Cites Drake As Primary Influence

In a new interview with MTV, dance music's king of comedy Dillon Francis discusses his current inspirations and how he envisions his body of work looking like as he continues to produce his next albums. The "Get Low" producer divulges that he's been incredibly inspired by Drake's "Wednesday Night Interlude" featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR. 

"I listen to that song at least 10 times a day, and I cannot stop listening to it, and I think that's kinda where I want to take my next album that I do, in that direction." 

He then goes on to explain how he doesn't want fans to get too used to one sound so they don't get embittered when he strays away from it to do something different. 

"I want to keep making albums that are going to keep pissing off people."

The producer and infamous pranksters sees himself creating "gallery showings" where his albums represent him in that exact moment in time.

"... First I have Money Sucks, Friends Rule, that was like... I was inspired by everything at that time... and then boom, I was inspired by this one track, and I'm going to make a bunch of R&B / Dillon Francis R&B songs." 

Francis only hopes that his fans will embrace his philosophy and will never be turned off when an album "doesn't sound like [him]." Ultimately, Francis states, he has to create the music that makes him happy. Hopefully, fans will understand. 

"I listen to fans, but it's like with a grain of salt because I don't want them dictating what I'm doing and how i'm going to be happy. Because then, if I was only making moombahton, I wouldn't be a happy person. I have to be inspired by something to keep making it."  

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