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EDM.com Spotlight

EDM Unbuttoned EP08: FYER

In this weekly series, EDM.com picks the best live acts working in electronic music today. These producers abstain from DJ sets and opt to use live and electronic instrumentation to give their performances a more grounded sound. From the saxophones heard by GRiZ and Big Gigantic to the rock-inspired sets from The Prodigy, this series explores all types of live electronic music. Read our pick for this week's best live act below:

Best Live Act of the Week: FYER 

For this entry of EDM Unbuttoned, EDM.com picked a duo who embodies the spirit of live electronic music. This duo goes by the name of FYER, comprised of members Bobby Duque and Gabriel Guardian. After a fateful meeting at a bank in 2013, Duque and Guardian began collaborating and brainstorming ways to combine their distinct talents to produce music. With Duque composing electronic instrumentals and Guardian playing guitar and other instruments, FYER quickly carved out a special identity in the EDM world. 

FYER has managed to experience several rites of passage over their relatively brief career thus far. The duo released their debut EP, titled The Spark, in 2013, and followed it up with a number of successful singles. Notable among these singles are "Heart Success", a collaboration with vocalist Aloma Steele called "The Lost", and the recent single "Sunset Saloon." In addition to their recorded music, FYER helped organize accompanying music videos that highlight the creative process behind several of their tracks. 

FYER's records lay the foundation for their live show, the platform in which the duo truly shines. In order to recreate the sounds heard on their recorded songs, the duo utilizes a wide range of instruments and tools. Guardian simultaneously plays a Fender Road Worn Stratocaster guitar and a 61-key synthesizer. He routes his instruments through a Line 6 Wireless System so that he can freely interact with the crowd, stage, and his bandmate. This interaction is enhanced by Guardian's guitar tricks, which include iconic guitar spins. 

While Guardian takes up the instrument mantle, Duque ensures that the electronic pieces to the FYER puzzle fit smoothly. Duque utilizes a Novation Launchpad and a M-Audio Triggerfinger, which both run through the Ableton production program. Additionally, Duque employs the use of a wireless microphone to address the crowd, hype up a track's energy, and sing live. When a concert venue permits, FYER also tours with a wall of guitar amps that up the ante to the duo's sound. 

The sky is the limit for a duo like FYER, considering their open embrace of live instrumentals, music videos, and explosive live shows. Guardian and Duque recognized the potential in live electronic music and concerts well before the live EDM movement started, and the fact that FYER's music already evokes a distinctive sound bears testament to their talent. Be on the lookout for upcoming FYER releases and tour dates this coming year.

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