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EDM.com Spotlight

A Scientist Made It Possible To Literally Bathe In Music

Vinyl records. Cassette tapes. CDs. MP3 files. Music formats have evolved tremendously in the past century alone, but we never expected this: New developments have made it possible for music to be recorded on DNA molecules. A project called Music of the Spheres, lead by artist and filmmaker Charlotte Jarvis and British scientist Dr. Nick Goldman, took on the ambitious feat of binding digital music files to DNA molecules. 

The project founders collaborated with the Kreutzer Quartet to create a wholly original piece of music to demonstrate this scientific discovery. The music was stored on the DNA, which was then placed in soup solution. The music science victory is the first step in a larger plan to develop a production company called Artists & Engineers. With backing from a Kickstarter campaign, the Music of The Spheres Project will create art installations with soap bubbles that pop to release parts from the encoded music. 

Check out the overview of this mind-boggling project below: 

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Cover Photo Credit: Music of the Spheres 

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