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EDM.com Spotlight

Deadmau5 And Diplo Are Set To Face Off In Transcontinental Car Rally

The Gumball 3000 is a transcontinental car rally that pits 120 drivers across 3000 miles of globetrotting asphalt. Each year, auto enthusiasts line up to witness the world's finest privately-owned supercars make the trek through their city and burn up the pavement before heading to the next checkpoint. The growing crowds are partially due to the increasing number of celebrity drivers that make up the roster. Even EDM artists have recently taken a break from RPMs on the decks to replace them with redlines at the gate. Last year, deadmau5 made his Gumball 3000 debut, and this year, Diplo will make his. 

After six days of what would be a chiropractor's nightmare, the rally will conclude in Vegas with two big nights of music headlined by deadmau5 and Diplo at the MGM Resorts Village. 

Notable drivers that will make the long expedition from Stockholm to Vegas are:
- deadmau5
- Diplo
- Skateboarder Tony Hawk
- Actor David Hasselhoff
- Rapper EVE
- Rapper The Alchemist
- Rapper Bun B
- Musician Tommy Lee
- Model/Actor Tyson Beckford
- Actor Dolph Lundgren
- Filmmaker Tory Belleci (Mythbusters)
- Super Model Simone Holtznagel
- Super Model Daniele Knudson
- TV Star Richard Rawlings
- Forumula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton

deadmau5 is preparing for the rally by outfitting his newly minted Meowclarens with paint jobs that appropriately fit the rally's Vegas theme:

For more, you can check out deadmau5' 2014 Gumball mini-doc below: 

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