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EDM.com Spotlight

Josh Pan Channels Lion King In New Single

The question, “Who is Josh Pan,” raged across the dance music community when the mysterious producer made his ZHU-like debut earlier in 2015. Weeks after his debut, the supposed “Josh Pan” sat down with NestHQ for a pair of interviews, where he allegedly unveiled that he was not actually a single producer, rather a secret collective of over 20 artists, ranging from Moving Castle’s Jai Wolf and Manila Killa, to Luca Lush and Madeux. While this did not turn out to be the case, the artist known as Josh Pan garnered over 30,000 followers from these pair of interviews, and his one-of-a-kind experimental trap sound has truly taken off since.

For a single producer, there’s no denying that Josh Pan puts out content at an astonishing rate, and his latest output, which is the third of the week, is titled, “the king.” His first two tracks of the week, “i don’t think i can do this,” and “nobody’s perfect,” were beautiful instrumental arrangements with a brooding, emotional feel, but with “the king,” the talented producer peels back the curtains to unveil a raw trap composition.

Pan builds the track up from a menacing vocal loop before unleashing a hard-hitting percussion arrangement that is reminiscent of some of Mr. Carmack’s best beats. Each cymbal crash and heavy kick drum is a stab against the grain of a typical trap offering, and the grating nature of the track only draws you in further. When “the king” can’t get any better, Pan unleashes a grimy, pitched down sample of the iconic Lion King anthem before dumping you back into a dark room of kick drums and hi-hats. Peep “the king” below and snag the free download here.

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