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Go Behind The Scenes With The First Episode Of Madeon Adventure Live

There are few in the electronic dance music industry that have gained the international success that Madeon has at the age of twenty. Hugo Leclercq, better known as Madeon, tried his hand at composition at the age of 11, before venturing into house in 2010 under his Madeon moniker. A year after his foray into house, he entered a remix competition for Pendulum’s “The Island,” and was crowned the victor. A few short months later, Madeon premiered his live performance of his mashup, “Pop Culture,” which garnered over 6 million views in a few short days, and catapulted the teenage producer into superstardom.

In December of 2014, Madeon announced that his debut artist album, Adventure, would be released in the early months of 2015, and his announcement set the dance music community buzzing with excitement. Adventure, which was released in March of 2015, was met with overwhelming support, prompting Leclercq to announce that he would be embarking on an Adventure live tour with a brand new custom stage setup that promises to “feel like the first, real Madeon tour.”

The Adventure tour kicked off on April 10th and with twelve of the twenty-two tour dates already in the rearview mirror, Leclercq has released the first episode of Madeon Adventure Live, which gives a behind-the-scenes look at the first few stops of the tour.

Tickets to the last few stops of Madeon’s Adventure tour are still available, and you can get them here.

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