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Get Up To Get Down At A Morning Rave

Rave your way into the day with a morning dance party.

Daily exercise is often overlooked, especially for those who work 9-5 and can’t seem to find the time. Morning dance parties are aiming to recreate this stigma by positively impacting individuals within a friendly rave atmosphere. Thanks to companies such as Daybreaker or Morning Gloryville, the concept of the morning raves are continuing to gain momentum. 

Beginning at roughly 6:30-7am, these morning dance parties offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks like coffee or smoothies as well as massage therapists, yoga and more to help you energize for the day to come. Morning Gloryville is a two-year-old London-based event company with morning dance parties in 16 cities across the world such as Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Montreal, New York and more. Daybreaker now hosts events in over 30 cities including Amsterdam, Tokyo, Vancouver, Boston, Sydney, San Francisco, and many more.

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