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The Most Known Unknown EDM Photographers Vol. 4

This week’s installment of The EDM Network’s Most Known Unknown Photographers takes us way down under. Hopping around the hottest venues in Australia and snapping photos of producers in the midst of all sorts of debauchery is Pat Stevenson.

Douche bag doing a rap squat or a v tired bloke who's been awake for 24 hours? the hand on the left suggests douche.

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Initially drawn to concert photography through the allure of free beers and media passes, Pat - who seems to work under the pseudonym, Deckland, has definitely made a name for himself within the dance scene through his work. With just over 8.5k Facebook likes of his company’s page and 4.7k Instagram followers, he is clearly on the come up, and has been for some time. Having a natural ability to capture the vibe a of a show through his lens, Pat proves time and again through his work with artists such as NERVO, Peking Duk, and Alison Wonderland, that he is one hell of a photographer with no signs of stopping.

Packed out Sahara stage at #coachella at 2pm.. Not bad @alisonwonderland

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As soon as you begin looking through his portfolio, it is evident that this guy fully understands the importance of integrating himself with the party instead of shooting as an outsider. This mentality has driven Pat into the depths of mosh pits, through downpours of beer, spatters of blood, and gusts of sand to capture a great shot.

There is a clear desire to capture the grittier side of the dance world when you look at his work, a testament to the fact that this isn’t an environment of perfection. When you think about it, accepting that truth is part of what makes this scene so attractive, further adding to the commentary prompted by Pat’s images.

Apparently getting honey poured down your gob is a thing in Queenstown, NZ. @pekingduk

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Despite impish motives that inspired his journey into professional event photography, Pat has definitely made significant contributions to shaping the dance scene in Australia. His company, Hobo, was one of the first photographer collectives in the dance scene, starting in 2006. The official website is ridden with hilarity, especially when you note that their only testimonial is from “Anonymous Girl, 2006,” stating that Hobo is “a disgrace to photography.” This lighthearted, “no-fucks-to-give” attitude is exactly what makes Pat and his collective so valuable within the dance scene having every intention to stray from capturing “pretty,” or “normal.”

When u rly cnt B fkd being in the club

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Aside from gallivanting around with the best producers in the Southern Hemisphere, Pat has been shooting at a number of trap shows as of late and documenting the dance scene from the the stages of Flosstradamus, RL Grime, and A$AP Ferg.

When asked about the recent Flosstradamus tour in Australia, Pat revealed his dexterity when it comes to capturing moments in different environments:

"Flosstradamus recently completed a national tour around Australia which I was a part of, in between 2 of their Sydney shows I was asked by Josh (one half of Flosstradamus) to come and shoot the naming ceremony for his and his wife’s beautiful child Lex out in western Sydney, so one night I was shooting 800 screaming sweaty kids losing their minds to a Floss set then the next morning I was shooting a naming ceremony in with the most loving south american family you’d ever meet, it was surreal. After the naming ceremony they had their 2nd show in Sydney so I was back to shooting crazy Floss fans, it definitely switched the day up."

From his Instagram to official website, Pat’s mischievous commentary on his photos truly show how much he enjoys his job and how passionate he is about accurately portraying the dance scene. It must also much make him a freakin’ blast to work with.

Cmon @martingarrix I clearly did it better, stop biting my steez @alisonwonderland #futuremusicfestival

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One thing is evident when it comes to Pat; he works hard and plays hard, because lucky for him, work is play.

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