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EDM.com Spotlight

AutoErotique Blends Past and Future Genres in New Single 'Woof'

"I think that's where I'm at for 2015, hitting a solid mix of fun and weird. I want to giveaway as much music as possible and just really to go back to the future again."

AutoErotique is setting 2015 as the year to bring people back to the future. His latest release “Woof” is a resurrection of the wobbly future house from the earlier days of electronic dance music. While the electronic genre may be receiving more attention in recent years, the future house sound has been around and AutoErotique fully intends on changing it up.

“It just felt so right - Woof is less of a departure and more of a return to the sounds we love to make. It's weird and that's just the way things should be. I love watching the reaction it gets, which is great.”

Check out AutoErotique's latest release "Woof" below.

“Woof” samples vocals from the infamous Missy Elliot, giving the track a bit of a hip-hop feel. The futuristic style of the wub-packed bassline delivers an aggressively catchy drop. Although this release from AutoErotique was completely out of left-field, his recent change of style serves as an agent for change as he explores a new side of EDM. “Woof” received a wide range of support throughout Miami Music Week, as the track was hand-selected from industry masterminds across the genre board.

“I heard it up and down the beach a bunch during Miami Music Week and it was so fun to watch how people reacted to it. It proved to me that people are more into actual dancing rather than mindlessly jumping. It was a surprise to hear 3lau played it at Ultra. Actually, it was an honor. He's always been a good ear. It also got a ton of love from a wide range of talent - from Diplo, Atrak, Gladiator and Caked Up to Sleepy Tom, Shaun Frank, Tchami, Duke Dumont and Hunter Siegel, as well as Wax Motif, Zed’s Dead, and Nom De Strip. I mean, honestly, I have so much respect for every single one of these artists and it’s an honor to have even remotely peaked their interest. It’s crazy.”

AutoErotique is honing his craft of uniting unlikely genres into a smooth blend of sounds. He truly championed “Woof” with a different strain of vibey house, infecting listeners with a high-energy futuristic hybrid track. AutoErotique maintains a genuine artist style by sticking to the classic sounds of the electronic genre.

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