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EDM.com Spotlight

Dada Life Member Prepping Release Of Ambient Album

What happens when an EDM producer wants to try something completely new? They adopt an alias. For years, aliases have helped producers foster creativity without alienating their fan base. Electro house producer Clockwork started RL Grime to produce trap tunes, for example, and Eric Prydz launched Pryda and Cirez D to pursue different styles. 

Turns out that Olle Cornéer of Dada Life adopted an ambient identity at the end of 2014, releasing the 30-minute track "Falling Together As One" under the name Night Gestalt

When Cornéer announced he was fighting cancer in November 2014, his Night Gestalt alias went quiet. Now, the Night Gestalt Facebook page has come back to life with the news that an album is on the way. Gestalt revealed in December that the album would be titled ONE, and his new Facebook post suggests the album could be coming very soon. 

Watch the album teaser video below: 

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