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Famous Stadium To Host Music Festivals

With festivals popping up left and right, the music festival market is certainly prospering and the business-savvy are wanting to get in on the action. According to an agenda report from March 2015, it appears that another enormous stadium is looking to hop on the booming music festival bandwagon. The CEO of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California has made efforts to expand the stadium into a music festival venue in 2016.


CEO Darryl Dunn is keen on the idea of launching a Southern California festival with a cash flow that would compete with the popular Coachella Music & Arts Festival. The CEO signed a letter of intent to partner with AEG for 10 years, as well as a five-year extension. The letter of intent requests “to produce and to promote a Rose Bowl Music & Arts Festival expected to begin in 2016.”

Although music festivals take place in venues ranging from sports stadiums to camping grounds to parking lots, the Rose Bowl may face a few roadblocks in acquiring the proper permits from the city of Los Angeles in order to host a music festival. Officials are concerned about both the amount of events hosted by the Rose Bowl annually as well as how it might affect the surrounding community.

In 2014, the Rose Bowl surpassed the proposed limit of 12 events a year and hosted a whopping 18 events, including Shaun White’s Air + Style with Diplo and Steve Aoki. Because of the overwhelming amount of events, city officials are hesitant on giving the Rose Bowl the go-ahead.


Geoffrey Baum, President of the West Pasadena Homeowners Association, shared his concerns regarding the impact of festivals on the surrounding community: “It can’t be a rave. It has to be responsible." 

Listen to the report from KCRW below for the full story.

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