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EDM.com Spotlight

Mau5trap Producer ATTLAS Drops Enchanting New Remix of XYLO

Back in 2014, a mysterious remix of deadmau5's classic "Aural Synapse" hit the internet, and it was credited to an artist named ATTLAS. On his SoundCloud page, it featured a single upload and read nothing more than the name "Jeff Hartford." With such little information provided, and a tongue-in-cheek mention on Twitter from the mau5 himself, fans were caught in a cat-and-mouse game to understand whether the artist is truly someone new, or just a side project of the renowned progressive house producer.

It has since been revealed that the alias does in fact belong to the Canadian producer Jeff Hartford, and he has built quite the reputation in the time after his first release. As of now, he has dropped a handful of singles and remixes, including a full EP on deadmau5's brainchild Mau5trap Records, and today we are happy to premiere his latest release, an invigorating remix of XYLØ's "America." In true ATTLAS fashion, this remix bridges the sounds of progressive house with electro subtleties and euphoric trance soundscapes, reimagining the original's downtempo direction into a new and upbeat groove.

Take a listen to ATTLAS' new remix of XYLØ's "America" below:

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