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EDM.com Spotlight

Grabbitz Goes The Extra Mile On New 'Friends' EP

When the 21-year-old Buffalo-native, Grabbitz, released his gorgeous vocal edit of deadmau5's “Silent Picture,” it's safe to say he was unaware that it would catch as much attention as it did. Seven months after he posted his re-imagination of the track on SoundCloud, it finally caught the attention of the Canadian music icon, prompting the outspoken producer to enlist Grabbitz for a collaboration together.

While it took a superb vocal edit to catch the attention of deadmau5, Grabbitz caught the attention of the rest of the world with his debut Monstercat EP, Friends, a stunning seven track journey through the talented producer’s musical ability. Throughout the EP, Grabbitz not only dazzles as he works through beautiful soundscapes and thrilling sound design, but the up-and-coming star also incorporates live guitar, piano, and his own personal vocals into his tracks, giving them a melodic component that is nearly unmatched in production quality.

Grabbitz sets the stage with “7.6.14,” a hauntingly beautiful piano ballad designed to prepare you for what’s ahead. The second track of the EP, “Here With You Now,” is nothing short of stunning. Grabbitz’s ethereal croons are front and center of the track, before the talented producer peels back the curtain to unleash a flurry of chaotic percussion arrangements, driving synth stabs, and bass wobbles.

Other tracks, like “Friends” featuring Faustix and “Turn Around,” offer the same melodic, vocal component that has become a signature component of Grabbitz’s releases, while simultaneously allowing him to blend his typical dubstep stylings with similar bass-centric genres like trap and drumstep.

From “7.6.14” to “A Walk in the Gallows,” Friends listens as if it were one track - an impressive feat for a fast-rising producer like Grabbitz. Stream his entire Friends EP below, and support the producer’s Monstercat debut on Beatport.

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