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Study Finds Sound Waves Could Remove Rare Cancer Cells From Blood

At the root of music lies sound waves, which transport vibrations from a musical source to our ears for our enjoyement, disinterest, or hatred. Sound waves can also perform in many other ways, and a new study links sound waves to the removal of rare cancer cells from blood. A team of scientists in Philadelphia experiemented with exposing sound waves to circulating tumor cells, which are rare cancer cells found in the blood of patients with tumors stuck to one spot. 

The study found CTCs that receive sound wave treatment leave the bloodstream. With the removal of CTCs, doctors and surgeons would be able to effectively give a patient a diagnosis, understand treatment options, and improve the treatment process. Doctors would also benefit from this link by having a greater understanding of why cancer cells leave tumor spots to enter other parts of the body. The study requires more testing to prove a definitive link, but the correlation is now in place. 

Watch an MIT video on how scientists detect cancer cells with sound waves below: 

[H/T: Ars Technica]

Cover Photo Credit: Yu Lab, USC 

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