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EDM.com Spotlight

Deadmau5 Reveals How He First Met Skrillex

In a candid live stream spanning the better part of four hours, deadmau5 participated in a Q&A hosted by Twitch. The Canadian artist opened up about several topics including the impact of the internet in EDM.   

There’s no doubt that the EDM industry's recent explosion is due heavily in part to the ease of sharing tracks and collaborating on productions online. Deadmau5 acknowledges this while also asserting that the traditional methods of face-to-face interactions are still alive - and in this day in age - make a greater impression.

He tosses in a fantastic example of this by recounting the first time he met Skrillex in Los Angeles. While attending a HARD Events party, Skrillex handed deadmau5 a USB drive with Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites on it. “If he had spammed me with email or on Twitter, I might have never seen that piece of music,” he said.  

You can watch the whole interview below, which is segmented in three parts:

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