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Diplo, Skrillex And Justin Bieber Release Details On New Collab

After a jaw-dropping performance at Ultra 2015 that had #UltraLive trending globally, Diplo and Skrillex’s supergroup, Jack Ü, and Justin Bieber are planning to collaborate again in the future. A post-Ultra interview in Miami’s Power 96 studio had the trio dishing out their thoughts on each other’s relevance in pop culture today, in addition to revealing future projects on the horizon.

During the interview, Diplo noted that the creative process behind “Where Are You Now” was catalyzed by Justin Bieber's vocals. “Where Are You Now” is one of the most successful tracks off of Jack Ü’s debut album. “It was a really strong record that Justin wrote, it was like a ballad. I said, ’Yo Sonny. Man, listen to this record. We could fuck this record up. This is crazy,” Diplo said. 

Both Diplo and Skrillex attested to Bieber’s talent. Diplo went as far to say he doesn’t think another artist will be as iconic for a long time. In the same respect, Bieber is fully aware of how influential Skrillex and Diplo are, as well. “These guys are changing the game right now. They’re doing something that has never been done.”  

Bieber also mentioned Jack U’s involvement in his next album. “Yeah I think me and these guys are going to collaborate on my next record and do something really special,” he said. 

After an Ultra performance that was undoubtedly one for the books, we can only anticipate further collaborations to be nothing short of game-changing. Check out the full interview below:

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