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EDM.com Spotlight

See Diplo Behind The Scenes Of The Major Lazer Cartoon

Major Lazer cartoon has been in the works for some time now, but we finally have a sneak peek and even a behind the scenes look at the series as well as the artists, Diplo and Major Lazer, themselves.

In the FXX trailer video, Diplo talks about his humble beginnings. The producer recounts his time in Jamaica after he quit his job as a DJ on a cruise ship. "It was like trial by fire. You had to really put in work. It's embarrassing, I was staying at the Holiday Inn, putting towels underneath the door so we could smoke weed in the bathroom," Diplo said. 

The video also gives us a taste of the cartoon series. It was inspired by and designed to highlight aspects of Jamaican culture and bring reggae and dancehall music to a worldwide audience. It's a self-described extension of Major Lazer's style.

You can watch the preview in full below, and tune in to the series' premiere on Thursday, April 16th on FXX's Animation Domination.

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Cover photo via musictimes.com

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