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Festival Fashion Pro Tips 005

As EDM festivals evolve into full-scale subcultures of their own, the dance music community is becoming a lifestyle. Fashion, for example, plays a major role in the electronic music festival atmosphere. As the 2015 festival season quickly approaches, EDM.com is proud to present the fourth episode of our Festival Fashion Pro Tips series. Staff writer Emily Hall will be curating a weekly catalog of festival fashions geared towards the avid dance music festival attendee. Each week, Emily will put a spotlight on three different fashion trends that are fundamentally designed to enhance the festival experience. 

With Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival behind us, festival-goers are finding themselves in the midst of the Spring season and at the tip of festival season as well. Festival trends routinely go hand-in-hand with current fashion industry trends, and the Spring trends are out in full force. The 2015 Spring season is gearing it’s tastes towards yellows, blues, purples, and whites with 70s-injected trends like floral patterns, Boho anything, sheer clothing, and denim on denim. 

Check out this week’s handpicked selections inspired by the Spring season in our fifth installment of Festival Fashion Pro Tips: 

1) Anything Bright & Electric 

[Price Point: $-$$$$]

Bright and electric colors for the Spring season isn't too groundbreaking, yet you can never go wrong with neon-nonsense when embarking on any music festival. Not only will you be striding through the festival grounds looking a burst of sunshine, but you’ll attract good vibes as well while repping these Spring-infused trends. The Electric Family Spring 2015 Collection offers exactly what you’re looking for this festival season. The collection will help you stick to the bold trend of popping colors like aqua, coral, white, and even black if you tend to avoid bright colors. EFam produces the perfect festival clothing line as the brand keeps alive the electric bolt pattern with perfectly styled festival tanks and loose-fitting t-shirts for both men and women.

Referring back to a previously mentioned festival fashion pro tip, Electric Family also offers their own line of fanny packs that are infused with the bright and electric colors of the Spring season. These fanny packs are absolutely prime for music festivals, offering a minimal yet essential space for all your festival must haves. EFam’s fanny packs help the typical festival-goer maximize their rage by ten-fold. Sticking to an exceptionally bright and electric ensemble will help you radiate the best of vibes. "We focus on fusing the dance music culture with streetwear fashion to create high quality products that are perfect for the festival season," said Steve Brudzewski, co-founder of Electric Family.

2) Tribal & Aztec Print

[Price Point: $-$$$]

Tribal and Aztec patterns can incorporate a lot of fun and detail into your festival outfit. There’s also an unlimited number of ways to integrate the design without spending too much money as well. Tribal and Aztec prints reflect a free and easy type-feel which is perfect for any music festival. The festival grounds are a source of liberation and an environment to just be free and remove yourself from the stress of everyday life. The bright colors of the tribal and Aztec designs can be the perfect topping to any festival outfit that might need an extra touch.

Incorporating tribal and Aztec patterns into a festival outfit can actually be extremely painless. With any pair of denim shorts, you can craft your own tribal-inspired jean shorts at home. Accessorizing with tribal style jewelry is also an easy way to integrate the design into your ensemble. Homemade friendship bracelets also work really well with this design. You can even infuse the prints on your nails, creating a completed look head to toe. Going with a tribal theme is extremely versatile as well, given that the look will work with any color palette of your choice.

3) Face Paint & Gems

[Price Point: $]

Applying vibrant face paint and decorative gems to the face is one of the most standout trends at music festivals. Every design is unique with striking color and adding stick-on gems can really take your outfit to new heights. This trend is a relatively cheap option when deciding how to accessorize your festival ensemble. You can purchase a combo pack of face paint at Party City or Amazon or even make your own at home using household ingredients including corn starch, face lotion, vegetable, and natural food coloring. Check out some examples below on how to get creative with face paint at your next music festival.


Cover photo via Fashion Gone Rogue

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