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Porter Robinson Talks Next Album, Biggest Fears And Skrillex

Porter Robinson continues to tour in support of his succesful debut album Worlds, taking his Worlds Tour setup to festivals all over this summer. However, that has not slowed him down from brainstorming and working on his sophomore album, as revealed in a new interview with Your EDM. 

Robinson opened up about his thoughts and fears with this next album. 

"Stagnation really scares me. But I will say, the next thing I do will be more similar to Worlds than Worlds was to the Electro House. It’s been a move towards sincerity and it’s like I’m circling finding myself with music . . . It’s weird and I want whatever I do to be fitting all the time and I’m trying to figure out what the next move is.

He also spoke highly of Skrillex, saying he's the one producer he'd go out of his way to see live. 

"As far as fun, party-banger DJ sets, (Skrillex) is the best. I listen to his sets for fun while I’m playing video games. I love the Jack Ü record, I just love everything he’s doing . . . I’m not the type of guy who goes to see a lot of other people, but I will go out of my way to see Sonny."

We'll keep you posted on what Robinson's next move will be. You can read the full interview at Your EDM. In the meantime, enjoy his video for "Sad Machine" below:

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