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EDM.com Spotlight

Who Is Marshmello?

Skrillex Selects is a series by Nest HQ, whereby the man himself provides a taste of his favorites from the week. The most recent edition of this series entails an array of sounds, sourced from both big-name and small-time producers. Among the five tracks on this particular list is one produced by marshmello. Who is the mysterious producer behind the name marshmello? We don't really know… and neither does Skrillex, apparently.

"Who is marshmello? Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that he/she/they are matching up some major main stage synths with booming downtempo bass. If you’re not caught up, make sure to head over to Soundcloud to check all seven tunes that have gone up in the last month."

Whoever this mysterious person is, they’ve been able to pull some huge support without the slightest hint as to who they might be. Whether or not the identity of marshmello will stay shrouded in secrecy remains to be seen, but it’s apparently working very well for he/she/they as every track on the Soundcloud has nothing less than 85,000 hits, with over 27,000 people following. Marsh on.

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