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EDM.com Spotlight

Zedd Throws 50 Phoenix Fans An Unforgettable Party

First, he threw an epic purple cave party for 50 fans from Austin, TX in honor of his new song "Addicted to a memory." Then he brought 50 fans from Los Angeles, CA out into the middle of the desert for an unforgettable bonfire party to reveal his song "Straight Into The Fire." Last night, Zedd whisked 50 Phoenix, AZ away to an ultra special party that involved a hot air balloon and a boat. 

The Phoenix event was the third installment of Zedd's uniquely creative promotional campaign for his upcoming album True Colors. Each song on his sophomore album is associated with a color, which inspires the theme and location for each exclusive party. 10 cities, 10 colors, 10 distinct locations.

For each of the 10 events, fans can compete in a scavenger hunt by finding and snapping a photo with six "Z" insignias. The first 50 fans to finish are immediately escorted into limousine buses and taken to an undisclosed location for what's sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. 

The 50 lucky fans in Phoenix were treated to all things yellow including a fabulous 5-star meal and a special souvenir gift. The event unfortunately was not smooth sailing. Due to wind, Zedd was unable to take his fans skyward and was forced to cancel the hot air balloon portion of the night. Fans were not disappointed though. Each fan received a coupon for a hot air balloon ride which they could use at another time, after which they continued to party with Zedd on a boat, where they got a sneak peek listen of one of the tracks from the new album.

We can't forget about the souvenir gift. As with the previous two events, all 50 fans received a limited edition pair of colored Beats by Dre headphones in honor of the new track revealed from the new True Colors album. This time - as you can guess - it was yellow headphones. 

You can follow the campaign and participate yourself by staying tuned to the ZeddTrueColors.com website, which has countdowns to each event. 

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